STMNT was founded by Blair Sullivan, a New York-based creative director. Blair founded STMNT in 2022 as a result of feeling frustrated by the ill-fitting overpriced swimwear on the market. She was motivated to develop her own line in order to celebrate the female form. STMNT's goal is to empower the wearer by providing form fitting, flattering, re-wearable, well-constructed, sustainably made apparel. All of STMNT's apparel can be re-worn, mix and matched. Purchasing STMNT apparel is an investment in your wardrobe. The “investment” pieces provide a strong value proposition, given quality, timeless style, sustainable manufacture, and shaped fit. 

STMNT produces “stand out” swimwear with an impeccable fit that looks great on “real” bodies.The cuts are designed to accentuate women’s figures and provide a structured look.

The core collection consists of 3 “core” products, which will be continually available. Seasonal products will enter the mix at a later stage, but the “core” will remain as a timeless option for years to come.